Our on-site lab allows us to quickly perform many of the tests other clinics send out.  When your pet is sick, there's no need to wait 1-2 days for blood or urine tests when many can be performed on site in 15-20 minutes.

The Abaxis HM5 Hematology Analyzer allows us to evaluate your pet's blood quickly and accurately using laser technology providing a complete blood count in just a few minutes with unparalleled accuracy.  This equipment allows us to check low red cell counts causing anemia, low or high white cell counts suggestive of infection or leukemia, abnormal platelets levels that can contribute to excessive bleeding or life threatening blood clots.  

The Abaxis Vetscan-2 Analyzer allows us to evaluate the chemicals, enzymes and electrolytes in you pets blood.  Elevated enzymes that can indicate liver or kidney disease, pancreatic disease, diabetes & hormone imbalances.

Both the HM5 and Vet Scan-2 are critical in providing real-time test results of our pet's condition.  They are integral in evaluate your pet prior to surgery as well.

Additionally, urinalysis with cytology, canine heartworm test, skin scrape mange test, fecal parasite test, giardia testing, parvo test, feline leukemia test, feline immunodeficiency virus test, feline heartworm test, needle biopsy cytology, ear swab cytology, ringworm culture, bacterial culture, allergy test... these are some of the test we perform every.  Lastly, we have partnered with Antech, a nationally recognized, quality controlled reference lab, to perform the more specialized testing and pathology evaluation not commercially available for in-office use.