Our Senior Wellness Plans are able to find medical problems often undetectable during a physical exam.  Problems that can be present but not yet showing symptoms.  Conditions that if caught early, can be easily treated, avoiding needless suffering or even save your pet's life..


How Old Is My Pet ?


What We Are Testing

Senior Pet Health Quiz:

In the last 6-months, has your pet:

  • Vomited more than once?
  • Had an episode of diarrhea?
  • Gained or Lose weight expectantly?
  • Had fleas or ticks?
  • Had/has bad breath?
  • Had itchy ears?
  • Had a visible rash?
  • Been limping or reluctant to jump?
  • Coughed for more than 1-days?
  • Have/had blood in stool?
  • Have/had blood in the urine?
  • Been drinking more than usual?
  • Been urinating more than usual?
  • Have/had a change in appetite?
  • Been lethargic or depressed?

If you answered YES to any of the above, this could be a symptoms of an underlying medical problem.

IF you answered NO to all of the above... 23% of pets just like yours HAVE a medical problem only detectable with an "Early Detection Profile"