At SunShine Animal Hospital, your pet's safety and success is of the utmost importance.  The level of patient care and safety is matched only by human medicine.   

  • Pre-surgical Exam   
  • Pre-Anesthetic blood test to detect organ dysfunction that may influence our choice of medication to use.  
  • IV-Fluids for blood pressure support  
  • Tailored Anesthesia  
  • EKG, Blood Pressure, Oxygen & Core Temp Monitoring  
  • "Bair" Hugger Warming Blanket to prevent heat loss
  • Individual Surgical/Recovery Nurse assuring safe & smooth recovery  

These are just some of the precautions EVERY pet receives at SunShine Animal HospitalAt Sunshine Animal Hospital we offer a wide range of surgical procedures from routine spay/neuter to more complex surgeries.  Our main focus is patient safety and comfort during procedures.  Dr Kevin continually reviews the most up to date surgical practices and attends continuing education programs to ensure we are using the most current surgical protocols and safety measures.  A trained vet assistant monitors your pet during surgery, charting vital signs and anesthetic levels.  The doctor is alerted the instant any changes occur to allow immediate attention.    We routine use Radiowave(RF) Surgery which offers superior advantages to traditional or laser surgery.  There is no risk of accidentally burning other areas of tissue through reflection of a light beam as with a laser.  RF Surgery provides a tactile incision but requiring minimal pressure and at the same time causes minimal tissue damage and therefore less post-op pain.  The radiowaves also vaporizes bacterial, preventing infection of the incision.  After the procedure the surgical vet assistant is assigned as you pet's post-op nurse.  Their sole responsibility is to monitor & care for you pet until they are awake, alert and responsive.  



Ovariohysterectomy (Spay)
Orchiectomy (Neuter)
Hernia Repair

Skin Tumor Removal

Needle & Surgical Biopsy

Abscess Draining
Ear Hematoma Repair

Cosmetic Declaw

Laceration Repair


Eye & Eyelid Surgery

​Nasal Stenosis Surgery

Oral & Facial Surgery

Ear Canal Surgery

Trachea/Larynx Surgery

Esophageal Surgery

Thoracic Surgery (limited)

Stomach & Intestinal Surgery

Kidney & Bladder Surgery

Fracture Repair

Joint Surgery


In addition to surgical treatment & repair, we offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PLP) injections which is similar to stem cell therapy without the surgery.

We also offer Laser Therapy which uses Photobiomodulation to stimulate the healing process on the cellular level.  It is drug & pain free.